Investment Sectors
Some of the investment opportunities that are actively promoted by Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) include, but are not limited to:
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Grain, fruit and vegetables, irrigation, dairy farming, horticulture, leather (raw hides and skins), pork and beef products.
Supply of parts and components to South Africa’s automotive sector, supply of replacement parts for vehicles of large scale projects, expansion of existing component manufacturing industries, R&D services, diversification of aftersales services for private and commercial vehicles and the establishment of skills development / training facilities for auto mechanics and technicians.
Cargo, Freight & Logistics
Consolidation, deconsolidation, distribution, transport services, handling, warehouse management and integrated systems.
Photographic safari tourism training, mining and energy technical schools, medical and health sciences institutions, business school, lifelong training institutions and education services for special needs students.
Financial & Business Services
Banking, insurance and investment funds.
Diagnostic facilities (imaging and laboratory), pharmaceutical manufacturing, manufacturing of biomedical equipment, medical tourism
Information Communication Technology
Innovative money operations, e-Waste, TV White Space, TV Broadcasting, e-Health, BPO and Call Centres and e-Commerce, software and app development and ICT in agriculture.
Manufacturing across all sectors such as general manufacturing, bulk breaking, pharmaceuticals, automotive components etc
Mining and Mineral Beneficiation:
Mining and base metals, such as gold, uranium, copper, nickel, coal, manganese and mining services. Also includes prospecting, expansion of existing mining projects, new mining projects, beneficiation of minerals and business opportunities relating to links with other sectors. Diamond trading, cutting and polishing, jewellery manufacturing and diamond related services such as security, banking, insurance, and certification and brokerage services.
Sector and District Opportunities