Botswana One Stop Service Centre (BOSSC)
BOSSC is an investment facilitation centre within BITC which houses relevant government agencies as a single cohesive structure that provides prompt, efficient and transparent services to investors. BOSSC has made available shortened and simple administrative procedures and guidelines for issuance of business approvals, permits and licenses, thereby removing bottlenecks faced by investors in establishing and running businesses in Botswana.
For BOSSC, an ‘investor’ is defined as any lawful business/enterprise established, acquired, or expanded by a domestic or foreign investor under the laws of the Republic of Botswana, committing resources of economic value over a reasonable period, in anticipation of profit.
BITC-accredited companies are eligible to access the Business Facilitation / BOSSC services. Our customers are entitled to first-class service from the department and for service to be provided within the expected turnaround times.
Services Provided
To benefit from this service, simply become an accredited client with BITC, and we will help you out.